All Michigan Modern Arnis Instructors are certified by MARPPIO approved curriculum.

Punong Guro Gerry Tablada

Chief Instructor for Michigan Modern Arnis and Cultural Affairs Liaison for the Filipino – American  community. He is currently ranked Lakan Apat and a Certified Advanced Instructor.

Gerry is currently employed in I.T. Software Quality Assurance and runs a digital marketing consulting agency.

Gerry has trained in Modern Arnis, Balintawak Escrima, Kickboxing, Wrestling and Grappling.  He regularly attends FMA and other martial arts seminars locally and around the country.

Growing up in Maryland, Gerry spent most of his teenage and college years supporting the various Filipino organizations in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, serving as an officer and performer of folk dance and ballroom dance. He also helped start and was one of the founding instructors of the Filipino Folk Dance Troupe for the Filipino Cultural Association of the University of Maryland at College Park. He also teaches Filipino style ballroom dance, with his favorite and most requested dance being the Filipino style tango. When asked why he spent so much time with the Filipino organizations, “I love learning and teaching others about the Filipino culture, especially helping Filipino youth understand their parents that grew up in the Philippines.”

Gerry has many roles in Michigan Modern Arnis including; Chief Instructor, coordinating and sponsoring the annual MARPPIO seminar in Michigan, starting Modern Arnis programs at other schools, certifying instructors, video taping seminars, and representing Michigan Modern Arnis at Filipino functions and gatherings.

Gerry is a Board of Director for the Philippine American Cultural Center of Michigan and Ang Bisaya of Michigan. He is also a member of the National Federation of Filipino Organizations and the Philippine Technological Society of Michigan.

Guro Allen Henton

Chief Instructor at Michigan Modern Arnis – Garden City

Certified Advanced Instructor and Ranked Lakan Apat in the Michigan Modern Arnis Alliance. 

Guro Allen is currently employed as a Nurses Aide and is studying to be a Registered Nurse.

Guro Allen has many responsibilities in Michigan Modern Arnis to include; Class Instruction, teaching beginner, intermediate and advanced students, putting together performance material and training the Demo Team.

Guro Laura White

Guro Laura is the owner and Chief Instructor of Pukulan Power Self Defense in Port Huron, a certified MARPPIO school.

Certified Intermediate Instructor and is ranked Lakan/Dayang Dalawa in the Michigan Modern Arnis Alliance.

Guro Laura teaches and trains in many styles of Martial Arts around the State of Michigan at different schools/seminars and competes in Forms competitions.

Guro Chris Fisk

Edged Weapons Instructor, ranked Lakan Isa in Modern Arnis and is a certified Intermediate Instructor in the Michigan Modern Arnis Alliance

Guro Chris has an extensive background in Jujutsu, Bowie Knife, Flexible Weapons, Silat, Karate, Machete/Axe, Folding Knives and Self-Defense.

Guro Richard Mitrak

Law Enforcement Training Liaison, certified Intermediate Instructor in the Michigan Modern Arnis Alliance and is currently ranked Lakan Tatlo in Modern Arnis.

Guro Rich has many years of Martial Arts and Law Enforcement training and experience.

Guro Arnel Basabe

Guro Arn teaches Modern Arnis at Phan’s Tae Kwon Do Academy in Fraser, Michigan. He is currently ranked Lakan Isa, 1st degree black belt and certified Intermediate Instructor with the Michigan Modern Arnis Alliance.

Guro Arn has been studying and teaching Modern Arnis for several years and continues to support the Presas family and the Michigan Modern Arnis clubs in the area.  

Punong Guro Benjamin Harrison

Founder of Michigan Modern Arnis and Chief Instructor of the Alakdan Group.Currently ranked Lakan Antas 8, Guro Ben has been studying, training and teaching since 1979.He is available for private training in small groups or individuals.Contact info:, 586-324-0267.

Certified Instructors List

  • Jose Soriano – Lakan Isa
  • Kathleen Enal – Lakan/Dayang Dalawa
  • Kevin Enal – Lakan Isa
  • Krista Harrison, Lakan/Dayang Isa
  • Walter Merchant – Lakan Isa