Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the Michigan Modern Arnis Blog. If you are not familiar with Michigan Modern Arnis, the group has been around for over 10+ years. The group also has representation in the Filipino community of the Detroit Metro area and participates in the cultural events.

Website Update

The website has been move to a new host. It looks similar to the old, but has some added features. The newest feature is the bot at the bottom of the page. The bot can currently subscribe you to the email list and give some info about the club. I am still working with bot technology and will add more functionality to it over time.

You can also subscribe to the email list on the main page using the tool bar. If you have subscribed using the bot, you do not have to subscribe again using the tool bar.

If you are reading this, the blog was also added. I go to a lot of seminars and train with other great instructors and people are always asking how things went. Hopefully, I can keep the blog updated with my training adventures.

I added a training supplies page. Anyone that want to buy a t-shirt, can order them from TeeSpring. I carry a supply of burnt rattan sticks that I order in bulk. If you need any training knives, they are listed. We do get commission from the links, which the proceeds go to help fund the club.

More to come later.