About Modern Arnis

Modern Arnis was founded by Grandmaster Remy Amador Presas in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines in 1957.

It is a blend of many styles of Filipino Martial Arts that encompasses Bladed and Impact weapons like swords, knives and sticks. Modern Arnis is known for it’s close quarters empty hand translations of these weapons based techniques for Self-Defense, utilizing locks, throws, chokes and take downs

Modern Arnis is promoted around the world by many different organizations that have their fundamental structure based on Grandmaster Presas’s teachings and insights. Many of the advanced Instructors of these organizations have personal insights and innovations handed down to them from the Professor personally. Every group that identifies themselves as Modern Arnis practitioners have unique insights and innovations that they have brought to Modern Arnis and share with the next generation of students and teachers.

We have a great number of things in common with our fellow Modern Arnisadors from around the world and look forward to the continued growth and evolution of this great art of Modern Arnis.

 In honor of the Presas Family and the memory of Grandmaster Remy Amador Presas, Michigan Modern Arnis continues to promote and study this most revered Filipino Martal Art of Modern Arnis here in the Detroit Metro Area.

Remy Presas, Sr.
Dr. Remy Presas, Jr.

We train and teach Modern Arnis under the guidance of Grandmaster’s eldest son Dr. Remy P. Presas of MARPPIO, (Modern Arnis Remy P Presas International Organization).